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Dash Cam in Kenya- How to Buy a Quality Car Dashboard Camera

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What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a small, removable camera that can be mounted to the dashboard of your car. It records the video footage of your car, which it saves to its memory card. You can view this footage while you're in your car or when you get home.

Some models also have built-in GPS tracking, so that you can see where exactly the incident occurred and whether there were any other cars involved in the collision.

Why is a Dash Cam Useful in Kenya?

Dash cams in Kenya are useful for many reasons. For example, if you are involved in an incident, you can use it to prove that you weren't at fault. You can also use it to document traffic incidents.

If you've ever been involved in an incident and had no idea what happened, a dash cam can help bring out all the details for you and it's easy for police officers to access if they need them for evidence purposes.

Dash cams are a great way to record your commute, but they're not just limited to cars. If you want to record the ride or even just the moments before and after you get in your car, a dash cam is a great way to do it. It'll keep track of who was driving and when, so you can make sure everyone gets home safely. It's also great at recording incidents.

What are the Features of Quality Car Dash Cam in Kenya

The best dash cams in Nairobi come with plenty of features that make them easy to use, but they should also to do everything you need them to do. The following make up a good dash cam in Kenya;

Mobile App

Connect the dash cam directly with an app on your phone to view and download files. View the videos right on your phone instead of having to download them to a computer first.

Dash Cam Ease of Use

Easy to use with an intuitive user interface that doesn't require too much effort from your end.
It should also be easy to mount and unmount.

High Definition (HD) Video Resolution

Has a clear view of the road with a camera that can record video and audio. Video recording resolution should pick fine details like number plates.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lenses let you record everything in front of your vehicle, including surrounding roadways, traffic lights and signs, and pedestrians.

Multi Lenses

Some dash cams have multiple lenses- one to capture the front of your car, one to capture inside the car, and a third lens to capture the rear. All these allow you to capture more of what's happening around your car at once

Motion Detection

Motion detection feature to trigger recording when it detects movements. It saves memory because it does not record when static.

Loop Recording

When the memory card is full, older files are automatically written over.
Locked files are not over written. It allows you to record videos without deleting them from your memory card. No worry about your SD Card getting full.

Emergency Recording

Your dash cam will automatically save footage whenever there is movement or sound in front of it. This will help you capture any potential evidence from an incident.

Speed/Date Stamp

It allows you to record where you are going at any time with a time stamp and speed stamp or both.
It is good for insurance purposes and other situations where people might try to lie about what happened on their driving record

Dash Cam G-Sensor

The built-in Gravity sensor detects any collision with any object, which triggers the recorded video to be locked.
The event video is thus protected from being deleted or overwritten

Memory Card

Ability to save videos onto an SD card to provide enough storage space. Lack of enough storage space available could prevent your dash cam in Kenya from being able to capture all of the moments in time that matter most

Digital Zoom

Ability to zoom in and out to get fine details.
Zoom in to check the number plates and road signs among other details.
You don't miss important details.

Wide Dynamic Range

It records clearly even in low lit environments. WDR allows for a perfect automatic balance between light areas and dark areas. This provides an ideal clarity with clear images even in low-light conditions.

Parking Protection

To protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism when parked. It is an automatic parking surveillance in monitoring mode such that it starts recording once it detects vibration

Power Supply

Your dash cam in Kenya is connected to your car's battery for continuous power supply, even after disconnecting it from the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.

GPS Tracking

GPS location tracking. Some have built-in GPS that provides location and speed data which can be viewed, and replayed on the dash cam phone app with video time stamp.

You are informed now- you know the features to consider when buying a dashboard camera in Kenya. And because we are here to help you buy the best dash cam in Kenya, feel free to place your order now.

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Dashboard Camera Installation in Kenya

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Features of the best dash cam in Kenya. Buying a dashboard camera in Kenya. Dash cams in Kenya. The best dash cam in Kenya