CarTech Tracking Services in Kenya

Car Tracking

CarTech offers advanced and affordable car tracking in Kenya, which is tailored to meet your personal and business needs. This service helps you and monitor your vehicle 24/7.

Fleet Management

CarTech fleet management in Kenya helps you manage and track multiple or all your cars from a single. This service helps increase productivity and save operational costs.

Fuel Monitoring

CarTech fuel management in Kenya allows you to monitor fuel refills and consumption remotely. You get instant alerts in case of any siphoning.

Asset Tracking

CarTech asset tracking is tailored to monitor your precious assets. It allows you monitor them from anywhere in the world.

Applications of Our Services


Private Cars


Commercial Cars


Lorries, Buses and Trucks


Motorbikes and Tuktuks


Heavy Machineries


Your Treasured Assets

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Car Tracking Base Package Telematic Features

Real-Time Tracking

Very Accurate GPS PinPoint: CarTech trackers have inbuilt advanced GPS technology that offer the exact position of your car for tracking. You get the exact location in real-time on a full street address in a live map.

You know the engine status- whether On or Off, and for how long. Car Speed, Direction and the time it has been static or moving.

Route Playback

Replay trips: Lets you know how your vehicle has been moving. The replays display the location, route, stoppings, time, speed and vehicle navigation in an interactive map.

Know the exact mileage covered during the replay period.

Get to know about any alert that was activated during the replay period.


Geo-Fencing: CarTech Tracking system allows you to create zones around areas of importance in a map and be notified when your vehicle enters or exits these areas.

You can create several geo-fenced zones so as to stay updated with the movements of your vehicle 24/7

Instant Customizable Alerts

Instant Alerts: Select the events you would like to be notified immediately they happen.

You can choose app notifications, email notifications, SMS or Phone Call Notifications.

The customizable alerts include- Engine On/Off, Power Disconnection, Speeding, Geo-Fence Entry & Exit, Harsh Driving, Parking, Idling

Automatic Reports

Reports on demand: Increase productivity by getting customized reports that suit your business needs.

At Cartech, we are able to send scheduled reports such Moving overview Mileage report, Speeding Report, Parking Report, Trip report, Engine report, Engine idle report, Operation Statistics, Driving behavior report, Vehicle info report, OBD report, Alert report