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Keep Your Car
Safe & Secure

CarTech Tracking enables you to track your car 24/7. Track your car and secure it today with the best car tracking system in Kenya.

NO Airtime
KSh 8,500.00
Installation Cost: KSh 8,500.00
Renews annually at KSh 2,500.00
You load airtime to tracker's SIM card
KSh 10,000.00
Installation Cost: KSh 10,000.00
Renews annually at KSh 3,500.00
You don't load airtime to tracker's SIM card
KSh 13,500.00
Installation Cost 13,500
No annual renewal fee
You load airtime to tracker's SIM card

CarTech Tracking- The Ultimate Car Tracking
Company in Kenya

  • Advanced GS & GPRS Technology
  • Professional Installation
  • Affordable Solutions
  • No Hidden Charges

Track via phone

Use our App or track via SMS

Manage Your Fleet

Monitor your fleet in a single screen.

Web Access

Track via a web browser.

Uptime Guarantee of 99.9999%

Why You Need a Car Tracker

  1. Improved Car Security: A car tracker provides extra protection from theft. You can switch off your car engine remotely making it hard for would-be thieves to get away with your car.
  2. Vehicle Tracking Telematics: Know the location and status of your car all the time. Track the live location, speed, car status, engine status, and historical movement of your car all the time.

  3. Be in Control 100%: How about getting control of your 100% even when you are away? Mobilize and demobilize your car from anywhere, when necessary.

  4. Recovery in Case of Theft: A car tracking device increases the chances of recovering your car in case of theft. You are able to track how it is going making the recovery process easy.
  5. Low Insurance Premiums: A car tracker can reduce your car insurance premium depending on the terms of your insurer.
  6. Increased Productivity: Replay trips, get customized reports and see where you can optimize, especially if your car is being used by other people.

CarTech Tracking App & Software

CarTech Car Tracking App is very easy to install and operate on any type of cell phone. Our car tracking app allows you to record your driving behavior, where your car is right now, pinpoint its location on a map and stay in contact with your vehicle. Easy to use, the app records your trip history in GPS-formatted files, allowing you to view a log of recent trips in seconds.

View a map of each trip and easily share the information with friends and family in real time. That is how a GPS car tracking system by CarTech Kenya can do wonders for you, especially if you are a business owner. This excellent tool will record all the activities of any person driving any of your vehicles. It tracks their movements accurately and there is no way you can miss an event.

Car Tracking Kenya Web Access Dashboard CarTech Tracking

CarTech Fleet Management in Kenya- It has never been this easy

CarTech fleet management service offers you a consistent and simple way to maintain and manage your vehicles while saving time and money.

We build fleet management reports that allow you to be aware of your vehicle's condition, mileage, service due, insurance due among others.

Our reports feature driver feedback and vehicle performance. This means we can provide insight into your drivers’ behavior.

  • Maintain Your Vehicles
  • Customized Reports
  • Save Time & Money
  • Servicing Reminder
  • Trip Reports
  • Fleet Status