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Car Tracking Cost and Charges in Kenya

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Car Tracking System Cost in Kenya

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Understanding the Cost of Car Tracking in Kenya

Do you know the cost of a car tracker in Kenya? Car tracking system charges vary greatly depending on the features and functions you are looking for. But don't worry, at CarTech Tracking Kenya, we develop a comprehensive plan for implementation and installation. We will work with you to achieve your goals and budget.

We have the right GPS vehicle tracking solutions to ensure that you get the best out of your business. Let our specialists guide you through your options as they help you review your requirements and provide you with a personalized plan. This guide will help you understand the car tracker price in Kenya.

Hardware: Car Tracker Pricing

A GPS car tracker is a small device, installed under the interior of your car, that tracks the current location and speed of your vehicle. It monitors vehicle location, status, and speed. It is a perfect way to keep tabs on the movement of the vehicle especially when you are lending your car to someone or are out on an extended vacation.

A GPS car tracker is a device that allows you to track or monitor your vehicle or fleet of vehicles over the internet. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and uses satellites to accurately determine your location anywhere on our planet.

A quality GPS car tracker must meet the needs of the user. quality tracking device should be reliable by ensuring constant communication between the device and the transmitter, even in weak cellular areas, provide good battery life to last throughout a reporting period and have accurate distance tracking, and be readable via an app that is easy to understand and operate. This is exactly what we offer at CarTech Tracking. So, what are some of the features that determine car tracker price?

Car Tracker Cost Considerations

Device Quality and GPS signal Stability: Device Quality- Does the device transmit real-time data even in weak cellular areas. What's the device's ease of use and accuracy.

Device Voltage limits: Some devices are ideal for use in motorbikes, others in small vehicles, and others in lorries and trucks.

Battery Disconnection Alerts: Does it send you an SMS or call you in case of battery disconnection.

Built-in car tracker battery: What is the capacity of the built-in car tracker battery and how long can the built-in battery power the device?

Voice Recording support: Does the device support microphone to allow you discretely listen to conversations in your car?

Software/App: Car Tracking System Cost in Kenya

GPS tracking software system allows you to track all types of vehicles, trucks, buses, mobile homes, and equipment. You can use our GPS tracking software and app to keep eye on all your assets. GPS car tracking helps you monitor and manage your vehicles from a secure web portal or mobile app. Track GPS location, speed, direction, & route with real-time mapping with alerts sent straight to you.

No more worries about your car getting stolen. With an app installed on your mobile, you can keep a track of your personal and commercial vehicle by just logging into the online portal from anywhere over the globe. You can also receive instant alerts in case someone starts driving your car without authority.

How it Works

All the information about your car is tracked and recorded continuously in real-time. You can check the driving route, the location on the map, speed, time, and distance via SMS or email on your phone. You manage the driver's location and transport history details; such as the vehicle's position, status, speed and route, driver ID, and time at a glance.

Real-time location monitoring of your vehicles to ensure they stay where they are supposed to be. View vehicle and driver locations on Google Maps or Bing Maps, Alerts when any vehicles deviate from their route, Alerts when your employees arrive at GPS-designated areas at the right time, Live Dispatching, and Trip Recording all with a single touch GPS tracking software for covert surveillance, vehicle tracking, fleet management, asset tracking, and personal safety.

 Software Features to Consider

So, what features determine car tracking system cost? Some of the features to consider are outlined below;

  • Realtime Tracking and Monitoring
  • Ignition Detection- Engine ON/OFF Status
  • Alerts- Speeding Alerts, Engine ON/OFF alerts, Geo-Fence Alerts, Power disconnection alerts, Parking Alerts
  • Battery Disconnection alerts
  • Geo-Fence
  • Offline Alert
  • Fatigue Driving
  • Restricted Driving

  • Driver behavior
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Video telematics
  • Car tracking reports: Mileage Reports, Engine Reports, Trip Report, Parking Reports
  • Maintenance updates and reminders
  • Real time tracking data provided- GPS location, speed, route direction, engine ON/OFF status, reporting.

Car Tracking System Price: Recurrent Cost in Kenya

A car tracker with monthly or annual charges versus a car tracker without monthly or annual charges.

When you first install a car tracker system, there is a one-time cost for hardware, installation, and software. The recurrent cost of a car tracking system is the price you pay monthly or yearly to keep your vehicle tracking device working properly.

Maintaining a Car Tracking System

The car tracking system has to be properly maintained so that it can be used for a long time. The recurrent cost of the system depends on four factors: hardware, software, maintenance, and labor.

Some systems offer a one-off price where you don't pay any renewal fee. The catch for this option is that it is not really a one-off cost system because the device needs regular airtime top-ups to remain active and online. Remember, for a car tracker to work needs an active sim card with active data plans to work. Monthly airtime top-up without failure is recommended.

Tracker Cost: Why A Car Tracker Needs Active Data Plans (Airtime)-

It ensures the following;

• The tracker is online
• Tracker’s sim card remains active
• Active data plan to send data to our servers all the time
• Airtime to send SMS or Call you depending on the triggered alerts

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I hope that you learned a little bit about how car tracking systems work for both insurance reasons and for your own peace of mind. But, if you're still not sure what all the choices are, perhaps our guide to the various kinds of car tracking systems will be of some use.

We end with a friendly message about car tracking systems. While many people don't understand the benefits of these systems, they're incredibly helpful and can help you save thousands of dollars by preventing car theft and showing where your vehicle is while you're away at work.

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