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Car Tracker in Kenya: Best Phone App, Countrywide Installation

KSh 8,500.00KSh 13,500.00
An advanced car tracker to help you secure, monitor, and track your car 24/7. No hidden charges. Quick Features: Real-Time Tracking With info about Live Location, Direction, Speed and Vehicle Status | Trip History Replay (up to 3 months) | Mobile App | Web Platform for Computer Access | Immobilize or Switch Off and On Your Car Remotely | Fuel Monitoring from Mileage Reports | Reporting | Ignition Detection | Parking Details | Multiple Map Layouts | Daily Mileage | SMS Control | Internal Battery | Small Size | Hard-Wired and Highly Concealed | No Hidden Charges. System Alerts: Engine ON and OFF Alerts | Over-Speeding Alerts | Geo-Fence Alerts | Tampering Alerts | Low Battery Alert | Battery Disconnection Alert | Restricted Time Driving Alert